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Choosing between love and money

Money is important, everyone needs money. What is the relationship with the love of money? In the family there must be love and money. Is the money can be satisfying and happy in all the affairs of human life? Money is important for a business, pay for college, and so on.

Money can indeed pamper us from head to toe. But all of that of course can only be felt by human beings rich. Instead of people who still think "about what to eat tomorrow" or something when your parents are still sore head.

Money and luxury becomes more complex when paired with love. When someone came to the option of choosing a life partner among the rich or the poor. Maybe someone without thinking immediately answered "yes definitely love dong, the money can be found." Hell yes can be sought, but the reality of life that will never be satisfied to make some people feel the need to think about this carefully. Is it true that I can be happy living simply together? Two of the first three months might be, but months and years later if love really make happy?

Have you ever heard a song about love and money?

Damn I love the jag, the jet and the mansion, oh yeah!
And I enjoy the gifts and trips to the island, oh yeah!
It's good to live expensive you know it. But my knees get weak intensive.
When you give k-kisses. That's money honey!

That piece of the lyrics of the song Lady GaGa's "Money Honey" which describes the joy of close to money. One of my relationship, call it Shierly. She was beautiful; ABG his all time have enough stock of men who are ready to be his girlfriend. Previously he has never much thought about who becomes his girlfriend. Originally beautiful, charming or cool could be his girlfriend.

But when age was stepping late twenties, Shierly start thinking about the state of his girlfriend at the time. She was kind, patient, and looks something like the Rain, cool. But the income only covers the costs of boarding and meals a month.

Seeing that, her parents began to worry and soon introduced (read: to match) Shierly a childhood friend of his parents. He had a very successful franchise. His face was far from beautiful, but arguably his property would not be out for seven generations and seven climbs. Not pushy but directing, his parents finally marry the man Shierly with success. After a year of married life, I idly wondered Shierly about his marriage. Not unexpectedly, Shierly felt regret for choosing her husband now. His life was indeed wallow treasure, but his heart still feels empty. Why so? Perhaps only he knows.

Love is blind, but money can blind everything. You prefer to be blinded by money or love? It's hard to choose. You are given blessings in the form of human reason, logic, feelings and conscience to discern and choose.