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Sunrise in Bali
The world is getting older, changes always occur, but there are always people who do not want to change, even many who are not prepared to anticipate the changes that sooner or later inevitable.We're always comfortable at the current position. We had forgotten to innovate to produce better work. Creativity is no longer theaction. 

 We are seduced by flattery, lazy to fix minor errors. Without you knowing, you were no longer as green leaves when you start you first start a business, duties, art work, and other activities.You're satisfied with the results you achieved today.

Over time, many people out there who are doing something better than yourself. Meanwhile you are still spinning in the same place. Now is the time you are looking for new inspiration so that you can be more creative and able to create something different.

Leave your routine for a moment. Do a meditation in a quiet place.If you want to empty the mind and open heart, soul and mind, surely you will get ideas, inspiration and most important is a new passionfor innovation. At least you will be motivated to start going to see something with a new vision.

If you love yourself, your family, your company or your country, then you are ready to do something better and useful. You will know how precious your self for the one you love. 

Attitudes, thoughts, words and your actions can affect many people around you,may even provide inspiration to people outside your environment. The world can be inspired. There have been many ordinary people and extraordinary people who move the hearts of others to do good, do business, and motivate others to be more successful, richer, more valuable, more useful and provide benefits for their families and communities, even able to make a country become more advanced and prosperous.

If you are not already in the middle of a big event, you can do something smallbut useful for yourself or your family.

Work hard and smart will make you successful. Failure on the way to your success, are common. Challenges and obstacles would occur. Every successful person has experienced sadness, failure, and obstacles before reaching the summit of success,

Again, focus on your dreams. Do what must be done. Like an athlete who is join a competition in the Olympics, then you were actually pursuing a dream, and you focus on getting your dream come true.