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When the social media made us as anti-social creature

Facebook, Twitter, Friendster (remember this?), WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger, and many others turned out to be a success making millions of people in every country intoxicated. Perhaps no one has been addicted to social media, especially the users of smartphones. They became closer with your friends or family who live very far away, and getting away with the closest, even when we sit down with the people we care at home, café or airport lounge.

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Happiness. Image:
It seems like the information technology managed to make us as anti-social beings, so that we become less in real communication, maybe even cuddle up with a loved one.

 Well, I was moved by a video that I received from the WA group, where I became an active member. Maybe you also have to accept and watch this video. Hopefully you also touched when watching for the second time in this article. 

Let us see again together, with an expectation we will get back in touch with relatives, friends, even our neighbors to chat in real sense and laugh together, share stories, and even do fun things with them.  

I hope this video makes us realize "something very important" has been missing from our real lives. If you believe the purpose and the main purpose of this video, please share it with friends, neighbors, family and anyone you know. By doing so we will meet more often in the real meaning. You must know what you must do to be a real human beings.

I hope this video can inspire us all to get to know kemabali what is the meaning of friendship, love, togetherness, caring, and wonderful things that are supposed to be able to do, even we can enjoy our lives. Perhaps you will soon discover the real meaning of happiness.