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Life is Good

Inspiration and dreams could move a person to achieve goals and targets.  Does not matter where you are today, but where would you go, that's more important. Is this true?

Human is a blend of soul, body and mind. Humans have a strange mixture because it can very good, cruel, mischievous, flirtypassionate, kind, and a mixture of good and  bad. There is a gray area in the attitudes and actions. Humans can be very so stable, strong, fragile, indecisive, hesitant, energetic, fun, happysad, or confused.

The creator has given us a good variety of tools that we can see,vague, and something that only we can feel.

We've all been so fragile, passionate, motivated to do good things,work hard or do not even do anything with a variety of reasons that make no sense or if we make it as plausible.

For this reason, we occasionally need to contemplate, may have to meditation, that we find consciousness to choose, do anything, say anything or act. We can get inspiration from someone or from the condition of the universe like the sun rising in the morning, sunsetbeautiful mountain, an eagle flying in blue sky. We can also be affected by the impact of natural disasters in the human heart.

Who are you? 
Who am I? Are we behaving real or fake? Do not be afraid, do not worry, because life must go on. We must fill our lives with good things to yourself, others, family and nature around us with love. Are we ready to love and be loved?

I wanted to share the beauty of words and the power of words that can give us inspiration and motivation. This has been my dream since a long time, that's why I created this website. Although I am not a motivator, but a lot of things I hear and I experienced, or a story I have ever read, then It's time I share it.

If you have a collection of quotes, proverbs, about anything, or if you have experiences that touch hearts and inspire people around the world, please send to: 

I'll give it a good place on this website, so it can be felt by anyone, wherever they are on this planet.

What a wonderful life when we can share with each other for a brighter future.